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Rhino Revolution introduce a 100 local children to nature at Koru Camp each year. Their joy witnessing elephants and lions for the first time is transformative. This is more than a trip; it’s the start of a lifetime bond with the environment.

Despite living on the very border of the Kruger National Park, only two in ten children in the primary schools we work with have ever visited it. How, then, can we expect these children to protect, or even love, something that they have never had the chance to know? At Rhino Revolution, we’re proud to work with Koru Camp – which serves as the bridge that closes this gap by connecting local communities with the wonders of nature and the animal kingdom. 

Each year, we welcome 100 children from our educational initiative to Koru Camp as part of our ongoing commitment to forging this connection to nature. Here, children from disadvantaged communities have the opportunity to explore and take joy in nature as well as develop a deeper understanding about the importance of conservation. 

For us, there’s no greater feeling than hearing the laughter of children infuse life into the camp. The joy and brilliance of the world sparkles in their eyes as they witness elephants, lions, zebras, and other wild animals for the very first time. These unique moments are etched onto their memories for a lifetime, fulfilling dreams and transforming lives. We believe this is the key to bringing about lasting change in the hearts and minds of our children – and Koru Camp is where that journey begins. 

Each group of 10 children spends three days and two nights in the breath-taking natural beauty of the Greater Kruger, accompanied by our trained staff. For all, this is their very first experience of a school trip and from the moment they pack their bags, the sheer joy of embarking on this exciting adventure with their classmates is palpable. 

These small group sizes ensure we can cater to each child’s individual needs. Alongside exciting safaris into the bush, we provide lessons in English and Tsonga, encouraging the children to explore and ask questions in the Eco Classroom. In this way, the two activities complement each other, further deepening the learning and understanding of our environment.

We firmly believe that our children will carry the memories of these trips in their hearts well into adulthood. Children are our future and our conservationists of tomorrow – and none are quite so enmeshed in the future of our national parks as those living on its borders. Whether they choose a career in conservation or not, by providing immersive experiences in nature such as this, their bond and enduring love for the natural environment will stand the test of time.

By Rhino Revolution South Africa

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