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This is your gateway to the heart of Koru Camp where we share our latest updates, stories from the Bushveld, and the transformative experiences of our participants. Join us as we delve into the wilderness, explore the wonders of nature, and celebrate the inspiring journey of conservation and sustainability at Koru Camp. Stay tuned for our regular updates and become a part of our thriving community.

Koru Team

From Passion to Purpose: How Koru Guide Joel is Paying it Forward

Joel Sithole discovered his passion for nature at a young age during an ecocamp with Ngala Safari Lodge. Recognising his potential, he was chosen for various conservation programmes and his journey took him through several roles before joining Koru Camp. Motivated by gratitude and a desire to inspire the next generation, Joel aims to introduce children to the wildlife and this vision will come to life on 4 September, with support from Brew HQ and Koru Camp founder Peter Eastwood. His ultimate goal is to ingnite a love for nature in many more children, with the hope of finding “another Joel”.

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Special Camps

Grannies in the bush – when the wise meet the wise.

The Ndlopfu Gogos’ first-ever visit to the Kruger National Park was marked by a moment of pure connection as their enchanting song appeared to summon a herd of elephants. In partnership with Elephants Alive, these matriarchs are on a Koru Camp programme that aims to immerse them in nature so they become ambassadors who are empowered to influence perceptions and ensure the coexistence of community and wildlife conservation. The three-way collaboration epitomises the power of unity in conservation efforts and highlights the importance of shared experiences and mutual understanding.

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San at Koru Camp
Special Camps

In the Footsteps of Giants: A Journey into the World of San Master Trackers

Koru Camp San master trackers from the Ju/’hoansi community share their ancient bush knowledge with young learners. They taech them to read the subtlest of clues in nature – from a slightly displaced rock to a barely noticeable scuff in the soil – leading them on the trail of a giraffe. This immersive experience fosters a deep respect for nature and the San community, as the learners listen to stories fo a life in harmony with the wilderness and learn survivial techniques and the art of tracking

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