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Transforming lives through literacy and conservation: Tanja’s story

In an era dominated by selfies, influencers, and the latest TikTok trends, encountering someone like Tanja Goossens feels like a refreshing breeze through the savannah. Travelling all the way from the UK, where she works as a Literary Rights Agent at Curtis Brown, Tanja brings with her a lifelong love for books and a fervent passion for wildlife and conservation. This unique blend of interests led her to Koru Camp, where she embarked on a mission to create an on-site library filled with educational books and inspiring stories about nature.

Quantifying Nature: The Mathematical Wonders of the Bush

It’s not often that you come across a child who wants to practice maths in their free time. Then again, it’s not often that a fun, numeracy-inspired game like numiknow™ comes along either! When Koru Camp was approached by local social enterprise, Hoedspruit Hub, to offer a prize to the winners of their maths-based competition, we were keen to get involved and support their goal of spreading a love of numbers to rural schools. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of non-profit organisation Connected Planet, the four winning teams and their teachers joined us for a two-night educational safari over the Easter weekend.

Turning passion into action – the story of our founder, Peter Eastwood

Peter Eastwood Founder of Koru Camp

From a successful New Zealand entrepreneur to a forward-thinking conservationist in the far reaches of South Africa, Peter Eastwood’s story is one of compassion, determination and personal transformation. To the many wonderful supporters and beneficiaries of Koru Camp, Peter is a kind and gentle soul with a funny accent and a permanent smile in his eyes. He is the founder of Koru Camp and the driving force that keeps us moving forward and pushing boundaries in search of more ways to help and connect our rural communities with nature. But how did he get here? And, where does his vision for Koru Camp go next? We chatted with Peter to unravel the mysteries behind our affable Kiwi.

Conservation, community and the art of photography

Koru Camp was delighted to host Wild Shots Outreach for their 5-day photography course in December 2023. Alongside 8 eager students, the team conducted daily lessons in the mechanics and modes of a camera as well as the use of light, framing, depth of field and shutter speed to create the perfect picture. Each morning and afternoon, they ventured out on game drives with guide Joel to put their skills into practice and, thanks to Wild Shots leaders Rifumo and Bright, the students could analyse their best shots and learn a little about what it takes to become a professional photographer.

Global Conservation Corps’ Inaugural Trip to Koru Camp 

In August 2023, GCC held an all-female leadership camp at Koru Camp for 16 aspiring conservationists. Their journey—from confronting fears to forging dreams—was transformative. This camp changed not just their perception of nature, but also their role in its future.

Changing Lives One Safari at a Time

Rhino Revolution introduce a 100 local children to nature at Koru Camp each year. Their joy witnessing elephants and lions for the first time is transformative. This is more than a trip; it’s the start of a lifetime bond with the environment.

Grannies in the bush – when the wise meet the wise.

The Ndlopfu Gogos’ first-ever visit to the Kruger National Park was marked by a moment of pure connection as their enchanting song appeared to summon a herd of elephants. In partnership with Elephants Alive, these matriarchs are on a Koru Camp programme that aims to immerse them in nature so they become ambassadors who are empowered to influence perceptions and ensure the coexistence of community and wildlife conservation. The three-way collaboration epitomises the power of unity in conservation efforts and highlights the importance of shared experiences and mutual understanding.