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Plant powered cooking at Koru

Run by our modest and kind-hearted chef, Tinyiko, the Koru Camp kitchen is not only a source of delicious, home-cooked meals but it is also doing its part for conservation with its meat-conscious ethos. By reducing the amount of meat consumed during our camps, we are able to lower our carbon footprint and reduce our impact towards climate change. Not only that, eating less meat has also been shown to save water, reduce deforestation and protect biodiversity.

As a conservation-focused non-profit organisation, we are always striving to practice what we preach – from our solar-powered camp to our water-saving bucket showers. Being meat-conscious is just another way we aim to do this and chef Tinyiko is a key part of that puzzle. Her passion for plant-based cooking always ensures our guests are treated to nutritious, mouth-watering meals that leave them not wanting to go home!

So, who exactly is Tinyiko? Let’s meat the chef behind our favourite dishes. Beginning her career as a general worker, Tinyiko’s story is one of self-belief and the power of finding your true path in the world. Her hard work and positive attitude in her first job were recognised with a promotion to sculler. It was here, in the kitchen, that she finally knew exactly who she was meant to be and, soon after, enrolled in chef school.

After 3 years of honing her chef skills, Tinyiko was ready to take charge of her own kitchen – and our General Manager, Dineo, was quick to spot her potential. The rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays, we simply can’t imagine Koru Camp without her! We asked Tinyiko a few questions to find out more about her background and passion for cooking:

  1. Was cooking always your passion?

Yes – ever since helping my mom in the kitchen when I was little, I have loved to cook! But it wasn’t until I started working in a kitchen that I was able to turn that passion into my career.

  1. Did you find it difficult to adapt to a meat-conscious style of cooking?

For me, it wasn’t a challenge. My mom always cooked us lots of vegetables when we were kids. Although meat is important in our culture, she didn’t react well to it so she taught us the importance of healthy food and how to turn any vegetable into a delicious meal. I enjoy all the cooking at Koru Camp!

  1. What is your favourite thing about working at Koru Camp?

I love working with the kids and the grannies from our communities and being able to give back. Koru Camp and the team here feel like my home. My journey has brought me exactly where I wanted to be and, for that, I am forever thankful as a chef.

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