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Nature’s Apprentice: Melody’s Inspirational Journey into Guiding at Koru Camp

Melody’s journey from a local community near Kruger National Park to a budding conservationist is awe-inspiring. Sponsored by Wild Shots Outreach, she overcame obstacles to become an Apprentice Guide at Koru Camp. Her story showcases the power of passion and determination in pursuing a dream career in nature conservation.

Dineo’s Calling: Preserving Nature’s Beauty!

Born from a love of conservation and a desire to empower local communities into helping to protect our collective wildlife and natural heritage, Koru Camp’s values are embedded in passion and people. And, if there is one person that embodies everything we are about, it has to be our incredible Camp Manager, Dineo. Everyone that has visited Koru Camp can’t help but love her ever-smiling and positive attitude as well as her ability to ensure the camp is always in tip top condition. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of joining us yet, let’s dig a little deeper into what makes Dineo tick…

Plant powered cooking at Koru

Run by our modest and kind-hearted chef, Tinyiko, the Koru Camp kitchen is not only a source of delicious, home-cooked meals but it is also doing its part for conservation with its meat-conscious ethos. By reducing the amount of meat consumed during our camps, we are able to lower our carbon footprint and reduce our impact towards climate change. Not only that, eating less meat has also been shown to save water, reduce deforestation and protect biodiversity.

From Passion to Purpose: How Koru Guide Joel is Paying it Forward

Joel Sithole discovered his passion for nature at a young age during an ecocamp with Ngala Safari Lodge. Recognising his potential, he was chosen for various conservation programmes and his journey took him through several roles before joining Koru Camp. Motivated by gratitude and a desire to inspire the next generation, Joel aims to introduce children to the wildlife and this vision will come to life on 4 September, with support from Brew HQ and Koru Camp founder Peter Eastwood. His ultimate goal is to ingnite a love for nature in many more children, with the hope of finding “another Joel”.